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Lavanya interior emulsion covers approx. 18-19 sq mtr per ltr in one coat . however coverage will depend on the surface prepared and climatic conditions. Lavanya exterior will cover approx. 15-16 sq mtr per ltr in one coat . As per feed back given by some painters it has covered even 200-210 sq ft per ltr per coat .

Interior will last for 6-8 years and exterior will last for 5-6 years in normal climate in central part of india. In coastal area and in area with rough weather life may reduce by 1-2 years.

Lavanya emulsion is high sheen emulsion and very viscous . It requires 300-400 ml of water per litre for proper painting .

Both Puttys are having cement and polymer as major constituents. Wher cement is more it is called white cement based putty and where white cement is less and polymer is more it is called polymer based putty.

Normal putty is not water proof . Ther is confusion in market actually so called water proof putty is not water proof but water resistant ie after application if rain occurs it does not fall below. Ducon polymer putty gives this property as it’s setting time is less than white cement putty.If we really want water proof putty , Ducon Shield can be mixed with Putty approx. 5 ltr in 40 Kg bag and putty will become water proof .

All this information is given in Ducon Brochure and product catalogues. It normally covers 100-120 sq ft area per kg .

We do not recommend to use hot water and bore water. Water having TDS below 60 can be mixed in natural condition without heating . RO water is best suited. If we mix high TDS water in any Shine product we can loose its shine properties.

Yes we have. We have one innovative product called shield which is elastomeric and which can withstand hydrostatic pressure . Before applying shield ensure that live source of sppage of water is closed first. Process is defined in Shield brochure .

No at present we are not thinking to enter in this segment . We are developing water based paint suitable for metallic surfaces and hopefully this product will hit the market in 2022-23 . Tile adhesive, texture , hollow block jointing mortar are our other products . Visit our web site to see the products being manufactured by Ducon.

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